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Cynthia Robinson publishes “Imagining the Passion in a Multi-Confessional Castile”

Cynthia Robinson (History of Art) reveals the interrelation of late medieval Iberian religious practices and culture among coexisting sects in her new book, “Imagining the Passion in a Multi-Confessional Castile: The Virgin, Christ, Devotions, and Images in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries.”

Through an examination of devotional culture in the Castile region of Iberia up to the mid-15th century, Robinson finds that the “personalized” imagery narrating Christ’s passion, then prevalent in religious art across western Europe, was not a major influence for Castilian followers’ individual relationships to Christ.

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Judith Peraino delivers lecture at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Professor of music Judith Peraino has been invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame April 20 to talk about her course, The History of Rock Music, as part of the Experience Music Project Pop Conference.

Peraino’s course “examines the development and cultural significance of rock music from its origins in blues, gospel and Tin Pan Alley up to alternative rock and hip hop. The course concludes with the year 2000.”

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