Program in Medieval Studies Faculty

All faculty members appointed to the Program in Medieval Studies also hold positions in other departments. Click on any of the links below for that faculty’s other departmental page.


Current Faculty

Ahl, Frederick M. | Professor

Department of Classics
Campus address:  123 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8324 | fma2@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Late Latin epic.

Anderson, Benjamin | Assistant Professor
Department of History of Art and Visual Studies
Campus address:  G35B Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-2176 | bwa32@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Late antique and Byzantine art, architecture, and visual culture; archaeology and architectural history of late antique and medieval Anatolia.

Brann, Ross | Milton R. Konvitz Professor of Judeo-Islamic Studies
Department of Near Eastern Studies
Campus address: 405 White Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-5450 | rb23@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Judeo-Islamic studies; Islamic Spain.

Brittain, Charles F. | Susan Linn Sage Professor in Philosophy and Humane Letters
Department of Classics (Chair) | Department of Philosophy
Campus address:  121 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8330 | cfb9@cornell.edu

Specializations: Early medieval philosophy (Christian and pagan); Platonism; intellectual history.

Browne, E. Wayles | Professor
Department of Linguistics
Campus address:  220 Morrill Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-0712 | ewb2@cornell.edu

Specializations: Old Church Slavonic; historical and comparative Slavic philology; South Slavic languages, Polish, Russian and Belarusian, the Balkan language area, Old Church Slavonic, Slavic historical grammar, comparative and contrastive grammar, and pedagogical grammar. In general linguistics: syntax, morphology, and phonology (in particular relative and other subordinate clauses) interrogatives, clitic rules, word order, reflexive verbs, accent rules, etc., usually using Slavic material.

Falk, Oren | Associate Professor
Department of History
Campus address:  323 McGraw Hall
Contact: (607) 255-3311| of24@cornell.edu

Specializations:   Medieval Scandinavia and Old Norse (history and literature); cultural history, especially of medieval Europe; violence, honour and gender; paganism and conversion history.

Galloway, Andrew | Professor
Department of English
Campus address:  63 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-2325 | asg6@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Old and Middle English (at present especially Chaucer, Langland, Gower); medieval history writing; intellectual communities and the sociology of knowledge; visions of women and women’s writings; paleography and codicology.

Haines-Eitzen, Kim | Associate Professor
Department of Near Eastern Studies (chair)
Campus address: 409 White Hall
Contact: (607) 255-2519 | kjh10@cornell.edu

Specializations: Early Christianity and early Judaism; religion in Late Antiquity; text transmission in Late Antiquity; asceticism and monasticism.

Hicks, Andrew | Associate Professor
Department of Music
Campus address: 106 Lincoln Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-5510 | ajh299@cornell.edu

Specializations: History of music theory and thought; Pythagoreanism and Platonism; Medieval Latin philology and manuscript studies; Medieval Persian literature.

Hill, Thomas D.  | Professor
Department of English
Campus address:  262 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-3799 |  tdh1@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Old and Middle English literature; Old Norse-Icelandic literature; English philology. Though primarily interested in literature, he has occasionally served on committees of students interested in linguistics.

Hinrichs, TJ | Associate Professor
Department of History
Campus address: 452 McGraw Hall
Contact: (607) 254-1694 | th289@cornell.edu

Specializations: Medical history, Chinese government policies to educate southern peoples in medicine, suppression of southern “shamans.”

Howie, Cary | Associate Professor
Department of Romance Studies
Campus address: K111 Klarman Hall
Contact: (607) 255-1379 | csh34@cornell.edu

Specializations: Medieval French and Italian literature; phenomenology; theology; pornography; critical poetics; sexuality and gender studies.

MacDonald, Scott | N. K. Regan Professor in Christian Studies/Philosophy
Department of Philosophy (Chair)
Campus address:  320 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-9820 | scm8@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Specializes in medieval philosophy and philosophy of religion. His interests also include ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of action, and Aristotle. He has taught advanced courses in recent years on Augustine, Aquinas’s moral psychology, the concept of free will in the Middle Ages, the place of Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics in medieval philosophy, and divine goodness.

Manning, Sturt | Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology
Department of Classics (Director, Intercollege Program in Archaeology)
Campus address: 135 Goldwin Smith Hall/B48 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-8650 | sm456@cornell.edu

Specializations: Archaeology (especially Mediterranean, Near East and Europe), archaeological theory, complex societies; dendrochronology (and dendroarchaeology and dendro-environment studies) – for example re Medieval period: structures, landscapes, etc., in Europe and Mediterranean region; climate and history; archaeological science.

Migiel, Marilyn | Professor
Department of Romance Studies
Campus address: K109 Klarman Hall
Contact: mm55@cornell.edu

Specializations: Italian literature and culture (especially 1200-1600). Feminist criticism. Critical pedagogy.

Peraino, Judith | Professor
Department of Music
Campus address:  116 Lincoln Hall
Contact: (607) 255-5059 | jap28@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Medieval musicology, thirteenth-century French secular music, music and queer identity, rock music and gender.

Pinet, Simone | Professor
Department of Romance Studies
Campus address: K268 Klarman Hall
Contact: (607) 255-7724 | sp349@cornell.edu

Specializations: Medieval Spanish literature, especially books of chivalry, Golden Age poetics, cartography, theories of space, “mester de clerecía,” romance.

Powers, David S. | Professor
Director, Medieval Studies Program
Department of Near Eastern Studies
Campus address: 421 White Hall
Contact: (607) 255-6275 | dsp4@cornell.edu
Specializations:  Medieval Islamic history and law.

Raskolnikov, Masha | Associate Professor
Department of English
Campus address:  165 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-9505 | mr283@cornell.edu

Specializations: Middle English literature, allegory theory, medieval philosophy and rhetoric, contemporary critical theory, feminist and queer studies.

Rebillard, Eric | Professor
Department of Classics (Director of Graduate Studies) | Department of History
Campus address: 120 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-8640 | er97@cornell.edu

Specializations: History and Archaeology of Late Antiquity, Transformation of the Classical World, Tertullian, Augustine, Latin Sermons.

Robinson, Cynthia | Professor
History of Art & Visual Studies
Campus address: Goldwin Smith G35A
Contact: (607) 255-4812 | cr94@cornell.edu

Specializations: Medieval Mediterranean visual culture, 1000-1500 A.D. (Islamic and Christian); religion and art; medieval Iberia and the Maghreb, interfaces between visual culture and literature, and Sufism.

Roby, Courtney | Assistant Professor
Department of Classics
Campus address:  G29 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: car295@cornell.edu

Specializations: literary aspects of scientific and technical texts from the ancient world; interaction of verbal and visual elements in those texts; definition and dissemination of scientific work.

Warner, Ding Xiang | Associate Professor
Department of Asian Studies (Director, East Asia Program)
Campus address: 347 Rockefeller Hall
Contact: (607) 255-6738 | dxw2@cornell.edu

Specializations: Chinese literature and literary thought from Han through early Song; medieval Chinese intellectual history; text production and text culture in pre-modern China.

Weiss, Michael L. | Professor
Department of Linguistics (Director of Graduate Studies)
Campus address: 213 Morrill Hall
Contact: (607) 255-3073 | mlw36@cornell.edu

Specializations: Indo-European linguistics, Old Irish.

Zacher, Samantha | Professor
Department of English
Campus address: 261 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-9307 | sz66@cornell.edu

Specializations: Old and Middle English language and literature; manuscript studies; homilies; patristic and  medieval biblical studies and exegesis; Jewish intellectual history; religion and political theology; pre-modern ideas of nation.

Retired Faculty / Emeriti

Colby-Hall, Alice M. | Professor of French Literature (Emerita)
Campus address: K123 Klarman Hall
Contact: (607) 255-4901 | amc12@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Old French epic, courtly romance, the history of the French language, Old French and Old Occitan (Provençal) language and literature.

Groos, Arthur | Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities (Emeritus)
Department of German Studies | Department of Music
Campus address:  182 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8354| abg3@cornell.edu |

Specializations: Old and Middle High German literature; early modern city culture; German and Italian opera; history of science.

Harbert, Wayne | Professor (retired)
Department of Linguistics
Campus address: 210 Morrill Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8441 | weh2@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Syntactic structures of the Germanic languages (especially the older ones) and the Celtic languages (primarily Welsh and Scottish Gaelic), and what they can tell us about the principles of syntactic organization operating in natural language. Germanic philology (Old Norse and Icelandic, Old and Middle High German, Old English, Old Saxon, Gothic, modern German and Scandinavian languages), Celtic language and philology (especially medieval and modern Welsh).

Hyams, Paul | Professor (Emeritus)
Department of History
Campus address:  307 McGraw Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-2076 | prh3@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Medieval, European social, legal, political history. England to 1400.

John, James J. | Professor (Emeritus)
Department of History
Campus address: 130 McGraw Hall
Contact: (607) 273-8366 | jjj2@cornell.edu

Specializations: Latin paleography and medieval intellectual history

Kennedy, William J. | Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities (Emeritus)
Department of Comparative Literature
Campus address: 163 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-3398 | wjk3@cornell.edu

Specializations: Rhetoric; Neo-Latin; medieval Latin and Italian literature. Italian, French, English, and German texts from Dante to Milton.

Kuniholm, Peter I. | Professor (Emeritus)
History of Art & Visual Studies
Campus address: B48/334 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-8650 | pik3@cornell.edu | web

Specializations: Classical and Near Eastern archaeology, Aegean dendrochronology, numismatics.

Najemy, John M. | Professor (Emeritus)
Department of History
Campus address:  318 McGraw Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-6748 | jmn4@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy, especially Florence; Machiavelli.

Sayers, William | Adjunct Professor (Retired)
Medieval Studies Program
Campus address: 106 Olin Library
Contact: (607) 869-9336 | ws36@cornell.edu

Specializations: Medieval western European languages and literatures (in particular Old Norse, Middle Irish, and Anglo-Norman French); cultures in contact; technical vocabularies and the transfer of technology (in particular nautical and maritime).

Senderovich, Savely | Professor (Emeritus)
Department of Russian Literature
Campus address: 226B Morrill Hall
Contact: (607) 255-2007 |  ss51@cornell.edu | web

Specializations: Origin of Russian historiography in the 11th century, reflection of the medieval cult’s of saints in the history of Russian culture in and beyond the medieval period.

Wetherbee, Winthrop | Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities (Emeritus)
Department of English | Department of Classics
Campus address:  283 Goldwin Smith
Contact:  (607) 255-6806 | ww22@cornell.edu | web

Specializations:  Chaucer; Middle English; Classical and medieval Latin; Dante; Old French poetry; Medieval literary criticitism.