Ahl, Frederick M. | Professor
Department of Classics
Campus address:  123 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8324 |

Specializations:  Late Latin epic.

Brittain, Charles F. | Susan Linn Sage Professor in Philosophy and Humane Letters
Department of Classics (Chair) | Department of Philosophy
Campus address:  121 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8330 |

Specializations: Early medieval philosophy (Christian and pagan); Platonism; intellectual history.

Manning, Sturt | Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology
Department of Classics (Director, Intercollege Program in Archaeology)
Campus address: 135 Goldwin Smith Hall/B48 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-8650 |

Specializations: Archaeology (especially Mediterranean, Near East and Europe), archaeological theory, complex societies; dendrochronology (and dendroarchaeology and dendro-environment studies) – for example re Medieval period: structures, landscapes, etc., in Europe and Mediterranean region; climate and history; archaeological science.

Rebillard, Eric | Professor
Department of Classics (Director of Graduate Studies) | Department of History
Campus address: 120 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-8640 |

Specializations: History and Archaeology of Late Antiquity, Transformation of the Classical World, Tertullian, Augustine, Latin Sermons.

Roby, Courtney | Assistant Professor
Department of Classics
Campus address:  G29 Goldwin Smith Hall

Specializations: literary aspects of scientific and technical texts from the ancient world; interaction of verbal and visual elements in those texts; definition and dissemination of scientific work.

Wetherbee, Winthrop | Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities (Emeritus)
Department of English | Department of Classics
Campus address:  283 Goldwin Smith
Contact:  (607) 255-6806 | | web

Specializations:  Chaucer; Middle English; Classical and medieval Latin; Dante; Old French poetry; Medieval literary criticitism.