Falk, Oren | Associate Professor
Department of History
Campus address:  323 McGraw Hall
Contact: (607) 255-3311| of24@cornell.edu

Specializations:   Medieval Scandinavia and Old Norse (history and literature); cultural history, especially of medieval Europe; violence, honour and gender; paganism and conversion history.

Hinrichs, TJ | Associate Professor
Department of History
Campus address: 452 McGraw Hall
Contact: (607) 254-1694 | th289@cornell.edu

Specializations: Medical history, Chinese government policies to educate southern peoples in medicine, suppression of southern “shamans.”

Hyams, Paul | Professor  (retired)
Department of History
Campus address:  307 McGraw Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-2076 | prh3@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Medieval, European social, legal, political history. England to 1400.

Najemy, John M. | Professor
Department of History
Campus address:  318 McGraw Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-6748 | jmn4@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy, especially Florence; Machiavelli.

Powers, David S. | Professor
Department of Near Eastern Studies (Director of Graduate Studies)
Campus address: 421 White Hall
Contact: (607) 255-6275 | dsp4@cornell.edu

Specializations:  Medieval Islamic history and law.

Rebillard, Eric | Professor
Department of Classics (Director of Graduate Studies) | Department of History
Campus address: 120 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact: (607) 255-8640 | er97@cornell.edu

Specializations: History and Archaeology of Late Antiquity, Transformation of the Classical World, Tertullian, Augustine, Latin Sermons.