Brittain, Charles F. | Susan Linn Sage Professor in Philosophy and Humane Letters
Department of Classics (Chair) | Department of Philosophy
Campus address:  121 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-8330 |

Specializations: Early medieval philosophy (Christian and pagan); Platonism; intellectual history.

MacDonald, Scott | N. K. Regan Professor in Christian Studies/Philosophy
Department of Philosophy (Chair)
Campus address:  320 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-9820 |

Specializations:  Specializes in medieval philosophy and philosophy of religion. His interests also include ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of action, and Aristotle. He has taught advanced courses in recent years on Augustine, Aquinas’s moral psychology, the concept of free will in the Middle Ages, the place of Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics in medieval philosophy, and divine goodness.

Raskolnikov, Masha | Associate Professor
Department of English
Campus address:  165 Goldwin Smith Hall
Contact:  (607) 255-9505 |

Specializations: Middle English literature, allegory theory, medieval philosophy and rhetoric, contemporary critical theory, feminist and queer studies.