Mandy Albert (née Lowell)

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Ph.D. Candidate

Entered the program:  2012

Previous Studies:
M.A., Medieval Studies, Cornell University, 2015
B.A., Medieval and Renaissance Studies and Theater Studies, Duke University, 2012

Dissertation Title:
“Economy and Community on the Early Modern Stage: The Plays of Cornelis Everaert of Bruges, 1510-1538”

Research Interests:
Medieval English and Dutch drama
Chambers of Rhetoric in Flanders and Brabant
Early Tudor drama
Economic history, especially of Flanders
Mercantilism and anti-mercantilism in literature and drama
Censorship of the medieval stage
Physical comedy, farce, and fabliaux
Historical theology

Classes Taught:
Freshman Writing Seminars:
MEDVL 1101, The Old French Fabliaux, Spring 2016
MEDVL 1101, Heroes and Villains of the Medieval Stage, Fall 2014
MEDVL 1101, Medieval Gaming and Gambling, Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Writing in the Majors
MEDVL 2400, Cultures of the Middle Ages, Spring 2015 (TA)

Cornell Prison Education Program
ENG 101, Freshman English I, Spring 2016 and Summer 2016
ENG 102, Freshman English II, Spring 2015
ENG 255, Science Fiction an Fantasy, Fall 2014 (TA)
NCR 1, Study Skills, Summer 2014 (TA)
NCR 2, Writing Workshop, Spring 2014 (TA)
Eng 2741, Prison Literature, Fall 2013 (TA)

Albert, Mandy Lowell.  “The Play about Common Trade and Play about Empty Purse: Cornelis Everaert’s Prequels to Everyman/Elckerlijc?”  Skene: Journal of Theatre and Drama Studies 3.1 (2017)

Lippijn.”  Sourcebook for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages, ed. Cameron Hunt McNabb.  Punctum Books, expected 2018.

Esmoreit and Lippijn: A New Translation for Performance of Two Plays from the Van Hulthem Manuscript.”  Comparative Drama 51.2 (2017) (forthcoming)


Digital Projects:
Circulation of Dutch Literature