Fiske also collected materials written in Rhaeto-Romance, the language spoken in northern and north-eastern Italy and Switzerland. His bibliography of Dante’s works appeared in reports of the Dante Society (Cambridge, Mass.) between 1887 and 1890. In his last will and testament, he bequeathed 32,000 volumes to the Cornell Library. (See Christian Y. Dupont, “Collecting Dante from Tuscany: The Formation of the Fiske Dante Collection at Cornell University,” Studies in Bibliography, 58 (2007/2008), 185-210; and Patrick J. Stevens, “Willard Fiske: The Passionate Collector,” Cornell Library exhibition web site, 2005]

Fragment of Petrarch’s Tunic, from his Tomb, Acquired by Fiske for Cornell in the 1880s
Handwritten Caption: “Brano della tunica di F. Petrarca da una tolta dall’urna
il 24 maggio 1843 quando la restaurai,” Signed by Archaeologist Carlo Leoni (1812-72)

Cornell University Library, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections,
Petrarch Collection #4648 Box 1