Since 1966, Cornell’s Program in Medieval Studies has combined the best aspects of an interdisciplinary program with the focused training required for academic careers in a variety of traditional disciplines. The Program’s faculty are drawn from nearly every humanities department at Cornell; together, they offer expertise in a wide array of disciplines and area studies spanning more than a millennium of languages and cultures—from Old and Middle English literature to Byzantine monuments; from Viking studies to Andalusian architecture; from Chinese intellectual history to Islamic legal history.

Medieval Studies Round Table Spring 2019

The Medieval Roundtable: Graduate Student Works in Progress

Fridays at 4:00pm in the Olin Library Room 303.

Spring 2019 schedule:

  • 2/15, Alice Wolff, "Materials as Power: Glass in Anglo-Saxon England"
  • 3/15, Thari Zweers, "Who Caused the Peasants' Revolt? A Tale of Blame in Two Texts: John Gower's Mirour de L'Omme and his Vox Clamantis"
  • 4/19, Sam Barber, "Landscapes of Authority: Towards a Spatial History of Early Medieval Palaces"
  • 5/3, Sophia D'Ignazio, "Learning from Carthage: Pedagogical Strategy in Martianus Capella and Alcuin of York."