John Wyatt Greenlee

Visiting Lecturer


Classes Taught:


  • Writing 7100:  Teaching Writing.  Fall 2015 (Co-facilitator) (Cornell)


  • Orbis Terrarum: The Medieval World was a Globe. Spring 2018 (Cornell)
  • One Foot in Front of the Other: Walking in Life and Literature. Fall 2018 (Cornell)
  • The Briton’s Britain:  The Medieval Construction of England.  Fall 2016, Spring 2017 (Cornell)
  • Where the World Ends:  Foundations of Medieval Geographies.  Fall 2015 (Cornell)
  • Mapquest:  Space, Place, and Movement in Medieval Society.  Fall 2014, Spring, 2015 (Cornell)
  • U.S. History from 1875-Present.  Fall, 2012 (T.A.) (ETSU)

Research Focus

  • Critical cartographic and spatial history
  • Hodology and hodography
  • History of movement
  • Eel-rents,
  • John Mandeville’s Travels
  • Maps and Memory
  • Medieval religious pilgrimages and pilgrimage routes
  • Digital Humanities.


Digital Projects