Cornell University Library Conservation Services is hosting a "Medieval Writing Open House"

Join the CUL Conservation Lab for a hands-on exploration of the materials and techniques of medieval manuscript production. Write with quill pens and iron gall ink made in-house by FWS students and conservators. Handle parchment, see parchment-making tools, and speak with Pergamena, a tannery from Montgomery, NY, and the only company still producing traditional parchment in the United States.  

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Roman Syria  Mosaic depicting a rooster, AD 450–550  Gift of Professor and Mrs. Meyer Abrams Cornell University Johnson Museum of Art
Although many mosaics enriched the floors of Roman buildings, much like carpets, they were sometimes placed on walls as well. This mosaic is believed to have originated in an early Christian church in Homs, Syria. In Christian iconography, roosters symbolize Christ’s resurrection because they are the first to greet the dawn.

Giving Day, 16 March, 2023

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Medieval Writing Open House