Giving Day, 16 March, 2022

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Diex vos sait, sæl og blessuð, السلام عليكم, and hello from the at Cornell University! It’s been awhile… Our gradual reemergence from this period of pestilentia occasions a renewed commitment to connection and community, and we’re excited to share what the has been up to here in Ithaca and what’s to come in the weeks and months ahead. You’re always welcome to join us on Zoom or at the A.D. White House if you’re in the area, and please visit our website and our calendar of events for all the details.

Upcoming lectures, seminars, and events:

March 18 (Zoom): Medieval Studies Graduate Student Roundtable, Bruno Shirley and Tyler Wolford (Cornell University), “Monasteries as Administrative Centers in a (more) Global Perspective.”

March 22 (Zoom): Anita Radini (University of York), “Hidden Behind an Ancient Smile: Bringing the Middle Ages into the Future through Bioarchaeology."

April 15 (Zoom): Medieval Studies Graduate Student Roundtable, Yumeng Zhang (Cornell University), “The Performance of the Funeral Texts.”

April 19 (in person): Nicole Marafioti (Trinity University), “Workshop: Crime and Sin in Early English Law: c. 890–946.”

April 21–22 (in person): Terence, The Adelphoe, co-sponsored by Quodlibet, the Undergraduate Medieval Studies Society.

April 21-22 (hybrid): “‘Words Walking without Masters’: Conversations of the Creative-Theoretical,” a symposium co-sponsored by Medieval Studies.

April 23, 2022 (Zoom): The Thirty-Second Annual Medieval Studies Student Colloquium, “Consuming the Middle Ages.”

May 3 (in person): Gregor Kalas (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), “Reconstruction and Repossession in Rome’s Early Medieval Charitable Hostels.”

May 6 (Zoom): Medieval Studies Graduate Student Roundtable, Casey Stevens (Cornell University), “Material Manifestations from Early to High Tang.”

May 28 (hybrid): Medieval Studies Commencement!

Other 2021–22 Lecturers:

Sam Barber (Cornell University), Jackson Crawford (University of Colorado Boulder), Mary Dockray-Miller (Lesley University), Carissa Harris (Temple University), Wan-Chuan Kao (Washington and Lee University), Jamie Kreiner (University of Georgia), Carolyne Larrington (St. John’s College, Oxford), Nicole Marafioti (Trinity University), Nahir Otaño Gracia (University of New Mexico), Abby Sprenkle (Cornell University), and Nancy Wicker (University of Mississippi).

New books by faculty and recent grads:

Marilyn Migiel, Veronica Franco in Dialogue, 2022. Winner of the Modern Language Association’s Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Publication Award!

Oren Falk, Violence and Risk in Medieval Iceland: This Spattered Isle, 2021.

Masha Raskolnikov, co-editor and contributor, Trans Historical: Gender Plurality before the Modern, 2021.

John Wyatt Greenlee (PhD 2020), co-editor and contributor, Teaching Gradually: Practical Pedagogy for Graduate Students by Graduate Students, 2021.

Éric Rebillard, The Early Martyr Narratives: Neither Authentic Accounts nor Forgeries, 2020.

farað gesunde, ἔρρωσο, خداحافظ, salve (etc.),

Andrew Hicks


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participants at a 2019 Cornell summer workshop on historical music notation examining medieval musical sources from the Kroch Library's Rare and Manuscript Collections