The Green Knight (2021) Screening and Panel

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

4:45-8 PM EDT (doors open at 4 PM)
Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Hall
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

From the "Producing the Middle Ages" event series, the Medieval Studies Graduate Association (MSGA) and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA) present a film screening of a24’s The Green Knight (2021). The screening will be followed by a discussion led by a panel of Cornell graduate students from Medieval Studies, Classics, and the Department of Literatures in English.

This event is free of charge to the general public and will be masking-optional. Masks will be provided free of charge at the doors for those interested, and attendees who need specific accommodations should notify Cornell Cinema in advance so we can make your viewing experience as enjoyable as possible!



  • Ryan Randle, PhD Student, Medieval Studies

  • Lisa D. Camp, PhD Candidate, Department of Literatures in English

  • Alexa Gall, PhD Student, Medieval Studies

  • Lars Johnson, PhD Student, Department of Literatures in Englisih

  • Dante King, PhD Student, Classics


"Producing the Middle Ages" Event Series’ Statement:

This series of professionalization workshops and conversations focuses on strategies for teaching, communicating, writing, and publishing about the Middle Ages in equitable, accessible, and antiracist ways. The series will feature various experts representing a range of diverse backgrounds. In the workshops and conversations, the participants will be invited to engage in discussion with the experts in order to further explore topics that are connected to the public and academic spheres in which medievalist scholars produce their work. Topics will include: pedagogy, writing articles for public vs. academic audiences, utilizing multimedia platforms (i.e. social media, podcasts, theatre, visual art and film), and alt-academic work. This series is interested in reaching across disciplinary divides and how approaching these topics from medievalist perspectives may yield valuable insights. 

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The Green Knight (2021) Screening and Panel