Medieval Literature Lecture Series: Thursday, September 9, 2021

This Thursday, September 9th, Professor Mary Dockray-Miller (Lesley University), Professor Carissa Harris (Temple University), and Professor Nahir Otaño Gracia (University of New Mexico) will speak in a joint virtual lecture and discussion in the final instalment of the Medieval Literature Lecture Series. The titles of their lectures are:

Carissa Harris, “Anger and Justice: The Rhetoric of Rage in Medieval Texts and Black Women’s Protest Movements”

Nahir Otaño Gracia, “Sir Gawain at the Borders: Displacement as Heroics in the Middle English Gawain Romances”

Mary Dockray-Miller, “The Old English Exodus, the afrisc meowle, and the State of the Field”

This event is open to all; register here. For questions, please contact Sophia D’Ignazio. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Medieval Literature Lecture Series, 9 September 2021. Lectures by: Mary Dockray-Miller, Carissa Harris, Nahir Otaño Gracia