Randle publishes in Bright Lights

Second-year Medieval Studies graduate student Ryan Randle has published a provocative piece, “Medieval Arthuriana Was Always Scary, but Not in the Way You’d Think: On Sir Gawain and The Green Knight,” in the Bright Lights Film Journal. Highlighting the oft forgotten terrors of sexual violence in medieval Arthurian literature, a far cry from the Disneyfied version brought to the screen in The Sword and Stone (1963), Ryan argues that the macabre tone of A24’s The Green Night (2021) challenges “old paradigms of understanding the Middle Ages” in popular film. Congratulations, Ryan!

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Roman Syria  Mosaic depicting a rooster, AD 450–550  Gift of Professor and Mrs. Meyer Abrams Cornell University Johnson Museum of Art
Although many mosaics enriched the floors of Roman buildings, much like carpets, they were sometimes placed on walls as well. This mosaic is believed to have originated in an early Christian church in Homs, Syria. In Christian iconography, roosters symbolize Christ’s resurrection because they are the first to greet the dawn.

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