Medieval Studies Minor Application

If you do not yet know, write in the current Director of the Program.
If the above listed faculty member has not yet agreed to serve as your minor advisor, you must receive confirmation from them before they can officially serve in that capacity. Please contact the Director of the Program if you have not yet identified an (anticipated) minor advisor.
Medieval Studies Minor Planning Worksheet

The Minor in Medieval Studies requires five MEDVL courses at the 2000 level or above (two of these five may also count toward your major). MEDVL courses can be found on the Medieval Studies website or in the Courses of Study.

Please list below the five courses you have taken or plan to take to fulfill the minor. Include the course number, course name, and the semester taken (or intended).

Please fill this worksheet in as completely as possible at this time; it does not lock you into specific courses. You can change your course plan anytime as long as it fulfills the minor requirements.