Sarah LaVoy

Ph.D. Student in Medieval Studies


Sarah (Anishinaabe) is a third-year in the Medieval Studies Program and is also earning a graduate minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. Insofar as imperialist and nationalist ideologies provide the foundation for medieval studies as a discipline, Sarah is invested in building a relationship based on reciprocity and mutual respect between the fields of medieval studies and Indigenous studies that will allow for both critical examinations of medieval studies and its entanglements with Eurocentric modes of domination as well as the collaborative development and meaningful actualization of decolonial agendas that reassert Indigenous sovereignty. In her work, Sarah actualizes an Indigenous praxis in their analysis of the imperial and colonial dispositions present in medieval textual and material culture. Recently, Sarah applied Indigenous archaeology theories to her analysis of the visual and textual elements on the Ruthwell Cross, resulting in a new way of understanding the cultural mixing, power relations, and effects of colonization in medieval northern England.

Courses taught:

  • Indigenous North America (Fall 2021, Graduate TA)
  • Women in Medieval Art and Literature (Fall 2020)

Research Focus

  • Early medieval art and archaeology
  • Early English literature and culture
  • Indigenous studies
  • Anishinaabe studies
  • Indigenous and postcolonial archaeology