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Scott MacDonald

Norma K. Regan Professor in Christian Studies

Scott MacDonald

218 Goldwin Smith Hall

Educational Background

  • BA Cornell 1978
  • BD St. Andrews 1981
  • PhD Cornell 1986



Scott MacDonald's research interests include medieval philosophy (especially Augustine and Aquinas), philosophical theology, and issues in philosophy of mind, moral psychology, and the philosophy of action — especially those concerned with free will, moral responsibility, and practical reasoning. He is currently working on themes in the later works of Augustine: the ConfessionsDe trinitate, and the Genesis commentaries.


  • Classics
  • Medieval Studies Program
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies Program

Graduate Fields

  • Classics
  • Medieval Studies
  • Philosophy


  • Medieval philosophy (especially Augustine and Aquinas)
  • Philosophical theology
  • Philosophy of mind and cognition
  • Moral psychology and the philosophy of action — especially issues related to free will, moral responsibility, and practical reasoning


Spring 2022


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