Viking Studies Undergraduate Minor Requirements

Students will take a minimum of 16 credits, in two or more disciplines, from two clusters.

Cluster A: students will take at least 12 credits from among courses eligible for Viking Studies credit. The list below includes the most routinely offered of these courses. This list is by its nature incomplete and subject to change. Courses may be added to it when new offerings are introduced or when existing ones are modified; conversely, courses may be dropped from it for similar reasons.

  • ANTHR 1200 (3 credits) “Ancient Peoples and Places: An Introduction to Archaeology”
  • HIST/NES 1660 (4 credits) “The Vikings & their World”
  • HIST/FGSS 2082 (4 credits) “Of Ice and Men: Masculinities in the Medieval North”
  • LING 2217 (4 credits) “History of the English Language to 1300”
  • ANTHR 2428 (4 credits) “Slavery and Human Trafficking”
  • NES 2661 (3 credits) “Ancient Ships and Seafaring”
  • HIST 2742 (4 credits) “Medieval Frontier Societies”
  • HIST/ENGL 2773 (4 credits) “Violence and Order in the North”
  • ANTHRO/ARKEO 3035 (3 credits) “Medieval Archaeology”
  • ENGL 3110 (4 credits) “Old English”
  • ENGL 3120 (4 credits) “Beowulf”
  • ANTHR 3245 (4 credits) “Across the Seas: Contacts between the Americas and the Old World before Columbus”
  • LING 3315 (4 credits) “Old Norse I”
  • LING 3316 (4 credits) “Old Norse II”
  • HIST 4761 (4 credits) “Anglo-Saxon England”
  • HIST/ENGL 4760 (4 credits) “A Usable Past”
  • LING 6623 (4 credits) “Old Irish I” [can be offered for undergraduate credit]
  • LING 6624 (4 credits) “Old Irish II” [can be offered for undergraduate credit]
  • LING 6625 (4 credits) “Middle Welsh” [can be offered for undergraduate credit]

Courses not listed above may also qualify for Viking Studies credit; for example, courses with rotating topics (e.g., MEDVL 2130, LING 4440), when these are devoted to relevant subject matter, or relevant courses taken as part of an international academic experience (e.g., in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, or the UK). So can directed readings (e.g., HIST 2001). independent studies (e.g., HIST 3002, ENGL 4950), or Honors tutorials (e.g., ENGL 4930, ENGL 4940) on pertinent topics. To petition for a course to be counted towards the Viking Studies minor, students should present a syllabus, assignments, and any other relevant information to allow assessment of a course’s eligibility for credit. Eligibility is determined at the discretion of the Viking Studies minor director.

Cluster B: in addition, all students will take at least one of two capstone courses, ENGL 3080 (4 credits) “Sagas and Eddas: Introduction to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature” and/or HIST 3200 (4 credits) “The Viking Age.” These courses offer in-depth surveys of the most sophisticated literary works and historical achievements that constitute the medieval Norse heritage. For students who take both capstone courses, one of the two (4 credits) may count as fulfilling the requirements for Cluster A.